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Justine Whipple
2009 USAT Project 2016 Team
2008 USAT Elite Development Team
2007 U23 National Champion
2006, 2007 Collegiate National Champion

"Having worked with Jennifer Hutchison over a period of approximately 3 years I have found few individuals who selflessly devote so much time and effort into their athletes on both a personal and physical level. Jennifer is always in tune with her athlete’s specific needs and goals. Using her Dietetic and nutrition background she is able to give sound advice for training and racing. I have enjoyed a great deal of success thanks to her consistent training advice and flexible guidance. Balancing a very rigorous schedule, Jennifer’s patience allowed me to train to my potential without injury or mental fatigue. As an individual she is extremely personable and will put forth 100% of her time and effort to a dedicated athlete.

Karen Alderman
3 x Ironman athlete
Ironman 70.3 World Championship finisher

I have been working with Jennifer since December 2005. I started out on my own for a couple of seasons and worked up to completing two half Ironman distance races with my best time being 6 hours and 27 minutes. I was very pleased with my performances, but knew completing an Ironman distance race was a whole different ball game. I signed up for the 2006 Florida Ironman and promptly enlisted Jennifer. I had read several nutrition articles on the Ironman website written by Jennifer. I was attracted to the fact that Jennifer is a Registered Dietitian, Triathlon coach and a participant in the sport (not to mention the fact that she is a top age group athlete living in the area). I had seen Jennifer competing at several races over the past couple of years (she is in my age group). She always seemed to be at the front of the pack and of course her physique is phenomenal – I figured this gal is doing something right – sign me up!!!

Before setting up a plan for me, Jennifer discussed a variety of different things with me – athletic background, work schedule, nutrition habits, body weight and composition, past race performances and what my goals/expectations were. My main goals for my first Ironman were to stay injury free during my training, enjoy my day, and of course, finish!

Jennifer laid out the basic structure of what my training would entail over the next year. She has a “real life approach” – Jennifer took time to understand my goals while keeping my other commitments (work, family, etc.) in mind. She gave me a realistic picture of what to expect with the amount of work I was willing to commit to. The year of training leading up to my first Ironman was definitely challenging. As the year went on, I learned how important things besides just logging training hours were. Nutrition, hydration, training intensity, body composition, recovery weeks, etc., etc., etc. – I felt like a giant sponge. After all the preparation – race day seemed like the easy part. I felt confident – mentally and physically prepared. My first Ironman race was nothing short of AWESOME!

In 2007, I have continued to compete in the half Ironman distance races. Jennifer has continued to work on improving my nutrition habits and slowly but surely my body composition has been changing. By the time the Ironman 70.3 World Championship 2007 race, I again felt totally prepared and crossed the finish line with a personal best of 5:14!!! I would have never thought two years ago that I could take over an hour off of my half Ironman time!

I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who knows what they want and are willing to sacrifice to get it. By giving my coach constant feedback, asking questions, having patience and trusting in the entire program – I surprised even myself! I am eager to see what season three has in store for me – hopefully another great Ironman distance race!!!

Coaches note: 2008- Karen finished Ironman Arizona in 11:45, taking over 1 hour off her first attempt!!!! Go Karen!

Lynne Krueger
Ironman Triathlete
USAT Certifed Coach

I have known Jennifer since the early days of triathlon. I had a couple years of training under my belt with several short, Olympic and ½ IM distances races. I was still very much a newbie in that I had so many questions on training and racing and really didn’t understand or appreciate the need to fuel. I was always tired and ran out of gas in training and racing as well. My thought process was “this is an endurance sport…I should feel this way”. I finally took the jump to the IM distance at IM Florida in 2002. I was so excited, nervous and I thought, race ready. Needless to say, I had high hopes. That race was such a disappointment for me. All of my hard work, long training days and sacrifices that my family made were reduced to walking the middle 7 miles of the run. I went away with a huge sense of disappointment and a new mission to accomplish…make right what went wrong! What went wrong? I “sliced it and diced it” every possible way, but it always came down to nutrition…enter Jennifer. Following that race, I began working with Jennifer. We worked together on everything nutrition related. We did weekly logs, planning for training days and finally a comprehensive IM race day plan. I was confident in and committed to my race day nutrition plan the follow year at IM Florida. I had the picture perfect race that we only dream of. I accomplished my goal of running the entire 26.2 miles at a steady and strong pace without jeopardizing my bike split. The day was euphoric. I placed in the top ten of my AG and had an IM PR…nothing went wrong the entire day. I accomplished my mission of “righting my wrong”. That would not have happened without the expertise and support of Jennifer. I’m truly grateful to her for showing me the way.

Not only is Jennifer great at nutrition, she’s a highly credentialed accomplished Triathlon Coach with a resume of success. We have once again reunited and work together on the whole package. I continue to see improvements in my training and racing and credit Jennifer’s expertise to that success. Above and beyond that, she’s just plain and simply fun to work with and fully supportive in me as a person as well as an athlete. That in itself speaks volumes to the kind of person Jennifer is. I highly recommend Jennifer. In fact, I often find myself bragging to others about her.

Chris Mohr Ironman Louisville Finisher
I know a lot of triathlon coaches, but the only person I would put 110% trust in is Jennifer Hutchison. As a sports dietitian with a PhD in exercise physiology, I was often asked why I would even hire a coach. It is because science is often very different from reality—and Jennifer not only knows the science, but as a competitive Ironman finisher herself, she knows the “secrets” that most would not even consider and when you’re out there for 14+ hours like I was, in 95 degree weather, you need every tip and strategy for success. I am 100% certain that Jennifer was the reason I finished the Ironman and felt fantastic doing it; 25% of the athletes in my race didn’t finish. They would have if Jennifer was on their side. She is the best of the best. Thank you!!

Kevin Collington
2009 USAT Project 2012 Team Member
2008 USAT Elite Development Team
2008 USAT Collegiate National Champion- Undergrad
2007 USAT Collegiate National Champion
2007 USAT U23 World Championship Team

"Jennifer started coaching me in November of 2006, before which I was a self-coached athlete that often times struggled with nagging injuries. The training I have done under Jennifer's guidance has had amazing specificity and focus, allowing me to stay uninjured while more than doubling my previous training volume. As a result I improved dramatically and raised my game to an entirely different level. I think my results from 2007 & 2008 confirm this. And Jennifer is a great person!" Coach's note: In 2009, Kevin will be living and training at both the Chula Vista, CA and Colorado Springs Olympic Training Centers.

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