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Are you a motivated, goal-oriented athlete looking for a customized scientifically based training plan that will take your racing to the next level?

OR are you an athlete with an awesome coach but need more detailed guidance with your nutritional program?

Look no further! Through IronCladCoaching.com, I will construct a comprehensive program that is flexible, systematic and progressive in design. The most effective programs consider the athlete’s current level of fitness and training status, strengths & limiters (including nutrition), lifestyle and training resources prior to implementing a training plan.

You are not going to find “off the shelf” programs or “so many weeks to a great race” plans here. As a coach and dietitian, I take great pride in being an educator and a motivator, so no old school “do as I say” dictator coaching programs or "out of the box" nutrition plans here!


Due to the level of specificity in program design and communication I have with my athletes, I limit the number of athletes I partner with to insure each athlete receives the attention they deserve.
SPOTS FOR THE 2016 MID TO LATE SEASON ARE AVAILABLE, contact me at ESPORTSRD@GMAIL.COM instead of the "Register" page.

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This coaching service includes:

Detailed weekly or biweekly schedules

Training modalities include technology based training aides such as power meters, GPS along with heart rate training and rate of perceived exertion

Scheduled one on one coaching opportunities for local athletes

Online biweekly training log review

Unlimited email interaction

Scheduled phone follow up as needed

VALUE ADDED SERVICE at NO additional charge: Nutritional guidance from a QUALIFIED Board Certified Sports Dietitian

Coaching fees are based on a 4-week training block and can range from $200 to 375. For new athletes there is a $125 set up fees. Fees are "pay as you go", so NO "I require X number of months fees paid in advance". Fees are structured on the level of detail of services desired and length of partnership. Discounts may be offered for junior or U23 development athletes, referrals and athletes that wish to pay for more than one training block at a time.


Swim, bike, run and strength training
Video Taping/Analysis:Underwater, Biking and Running


Phone or email consultation to review your self-coached training or nutrition plan. Let me confirm you are on the right track or to offer guidance to get the most out of your training.
$100/ hour


This exclusive long course triathlon coaching service is for athletes who want a high degree of accountability. These athletes have unlimited phone access and highly detailed customized training programs along with a periodized nutrition program to follow through the entire race season.
Very limited spaces: Fee range from $375 to 500/month



This flexible service is for those athletes that have many nutritional related questions that they want answered by a qualified RD who is highly experienced with endurance athletes. Fee is $100/hour.


This 3, 6 or 9 month program offers all the benefits of having your own personal sports nutrition professional close to home. The OnCall plan provides a high degree of accountaibility and detail in nutritional planning. It requires athlete commitment to detailed foodlog record keeping. This service is HIGHLY recommended for long course athletes that want an IRONCLAD nutrition plan that will get them to the finish line without nutritional issues!
Programs start at $495/ 3 months.


This service helps you iron out ay wrinkles in your existing race nutrition program. and dial in the right amount of fuel, fluid and electrolytes you need to have your best day. This is included in the OnCall program but can be requested seperately. Programs start at $75.


This service is for the recreational athlete who prefers to use training and racing as a lifestyle choice to stay healthy and fit. Online or in person consultations assess medical history, lifestyle and food preferences and construct a plan based on the athletes level of training, lifestyle and food choices. Weekly email and/or phone consults are planned to help you stay on track.
8 week program starts at $425.

How do I get started?
Go to the "Register" page and submit your request for a no obligation phone interview.

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