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Great resource for Ironman athletes.
USA Triathlon
Triathlon.org: the offical triathlon resource
Check out your competition!
TrainingPeaks Online Training Log
Preferred online training software for IronCladCoaching.com.

Run pace chart
Great tool to help training run paces
Swim Interval Send Off Chart
Awesome chart so you do not have to do swim send off times in your head.
Treadmill Conversion Chart
Active.com Pace Calculator
FREE online nutrition analysis log

Ironman.com Articles
A Realistic Look at Weight-Loss: "Body Composition Adjustment"
Body Composition Analysis
Strength to Weight Ratio
Weight Management for Ironman
Keeping Your Cool
Racing In The Heat
Hydrating Yourself to Better Performance
Electrolytes in the Ironman Nutrition and Hydration Plan
Power of Protein

Recommended Reading
Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes by M. Ryan
Endurance Sports Nutrition by S. G. Eberle
In Pursuit of Excellence by T. Orlick
Sports Psychology
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